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Mitsubishi Electric

 Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems - Business Solutions Partner  D.B. Green Ltd are accredited as one of a select group of Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partners in the field of air conditioning.

What this accreditation means about us as a company:

Corporate Stability

Adherence to Standards

People and Skills

What this accreditation means to you as a customer:

Gas Safe

We are registered with Gas Safe, which replaced CORGI as the gas registration body in Great Britain on 1 April 2009.

Anyone carrying out work on gas must be registered with the Gas Safe Register. If not, they are breaking the law and putting you and your family at risk. Only a Gas Safe registered engineer is legally allowed to install gas appliances. You must only use a Gas Safe registered engineer for any type of gas work, including installation, maintenance and servicing.

Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for Great Britainand the Isle of Man, appointed by the Health and Safety Executive for Great Britain and HSWI for Isle of Man.

Safe Contractor

We are accredited by Safe Contractor, which assesses the health & safety competency of contractors and service providers.

Clients have a legal obligation to ensure that external contractors and service providers working on their premises operate in a safe way. There is therefore a need to assess contractors health & safety arrangements, and increasingly this is being carried out through Safecontractor.

Many large organisations now use Safecontractor as their primary means of selecting contractors. Safecontractor is effectively the clients' approved contractor list.

Safecontractor ensures that companies who are providing services on your sites are taking Health & Safety seriously and that your contractor database is up to date and professionally managed.


We are members of the Association for Project Safety.

The Association for Project Safety is a multi-disciplinary membership body for those who operate in, or have an interest in, Health and Safety Risk Management in the Construction Industry.


 Refcom refrigerant gas certification  We are on the Refcom Register of Companies Competent to Handle Refrigerants, no. REF1000207.

The Refcom Register was set up in 1994 in response to atmospheric damage caused by certain refrigerant gases. Since then the Register has evolved to cover fluorinated refrigerant gases which if released to atmosphere have a global warming potential significantly higher than CO2.

As well as undertaking the certification role required by Defra, Refcom operates its long-standing voluntary company registration scheme, which requires higher standards than those stipulated in the F gas Regulations.

Registration with the Refcom scheme proves to owners/operators that, following independent third party inspection, refrigeration or air conditioning companies: